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We have created this website to make it easy for you to learn about Pepperdine Universityís Online Masters in Learning Technologies (previously Online Master in Educational Technology or OMET) . As you navigate through the various facets of this program, we hope you will see the ways in which it is changing lives. We believe that the path of higher education is a challenging and rewarding one that encourages people to understand the power of good ideas, collective dialogue and action to reshape their worlds.

First we suggest you take a few minutes go and see the video by Allen Haren that provides a great overview of the program and comments by students who share their experiences.


We have arranged this website in three sections, which give you an overview of the whole program, a detailed examination of one course, and examples of student work and their reflections on their learning.

  • Program Description:This segment begins with a letter from the Academic Chairs describing the overall structure of this unique program, and how the combination of action research, coursework, and community intertwine to provide students with life changing experiences.
  • Course Design: The second part opens with a letter from faculty. It allows for a detailed look at the last semester of a year-long course. You will be able to see the sequence of events leading up to the capstone event: face-to-face exhibitions of studentís action research work.
  • Student Learning: The third part will focus on student work. We will provide a few examples of students exhibiting their work in three ways: to the community at exhibitions, online in the Center for Collaborative Research, and through an online student-run Future Search Conference where students share their past, present and future views about their learning process.

We hope that this three-part exploration from an administration, faculty and student perspective will share with you the quality and innovation that we feel sets the standard for excellence in online learning.

The Students, Faculty, and Staff