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Here is the course syllabus:

EDUC 633 Syllabus
Fall 2008
Bill Moseley

In this class, we will explore the answer to the following question:

How do we learn?


Situated Learning by Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger (ISBN: 0521423740)
The Book of Learning and Forgetting by Frank Smith (ISBN: 080773750X)
A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink (ISBN: 1594481717)

You will also be required to select a major work (long paper or book) from a major learning theorist. A list of these will be furnished in the first couple weeks of class.

Here is a very relaxed outline of the class:

Week 1 - Moodle & Personal Learning Theory
Week 2 - First Essential Question @9/8
Finish Lave & Wenger
Week 3 - Second Essential Question @9/15
Finish Smith
Week 4 - Third Essential Question
Week 5 - Fourth Essential Question & Article Due @9/29
Week 6 - Choose a Theorist - Mine & Theirs
Week 7 - Developing a group theory @10/13
Week 8 - Group Theory & Eval SL teaching
Week 9 - SL Project: Planning & Division of Labor
Finish Pink
Week 10 - SL Project: Development @11/3
Week 11 - SL Project: Development
Week 12 - SL Project: Development
Week 13 - SL Project: Testing @11/24
Week 14 - SL Project: Presentation @12/1

@ = This week, we will have a SL live meeting with the class on Monday (you may also need to meet at other times to complete work) All of our synchronous meetings will happen in Second Life. Locations will vary.

** Some things on this list are obvious, and others are not. I will explain individual pieces as we get to them.

Grading happens like this:

You will be graded on both your ideas and your contributions to the ideas of others. Here’s how I see it breaking down:

50% - Participation (forums, weekly blog, etc)
30% - SL Project
20% - Everything else

Notice I’m not being really specific. Please don’t get overly obsessive about grades. Nothing sucks the fun out of learning faster than worrying about a grade. I’ll tell you something: At the end of the class, I’ll give you a grade. If you think it’s not what you earned, then tell me why. We’ll discuss, and come to a reasonable consensus. Ok?

The bottom line is that I expect your thinking to be rigorous, your writing to be based in what you have read, and your Second Life project to be a reflection of the ideas of the class. I place a high value on good communication, creativity, and high production values when it comes to learning artifacts. Why? Because I believe it matters. More on this throughout the class.

A word on blogging/reflection...

I expect about 1 blog entry a week, specific to this class. That’s a total of 14 for the term. Your blogs should be written to the level of thinking and analysis that we discussed at VirtCamp. The aim of the reflective writing in this class should be to draw connections between what we are doing and reading and talking about, and your own theories of learning, your ARP and your practice. A secondary aim of the blogs is to inform and enhance the learning of your cadre mates.