How to Order Your Books

Click on the individual book links below of the books you want to order. Once you click on a link, click on "Add to Cart" and then close the window. Do this with each book (it will save all the books in your cart). Once you click on the last book you want to order, don't close the window after doing your "Add to Cart", intead go to checkout. You should see all your books in your cart. If you want to buy used or add additional books not listed below, Click this link do your search and then "Add to cart", again it will keep track of your cart items. This will give our cadre the credit for the books.

Here is the tool for creating the book list for courses if you would like it.

CADRE 11 Book List

* Please use these links to purchase your books so Cadre 11 gets credit / cash back.

Also, if you, your friends or family need to purchase books from Amazon, then you may use the Buybox to create a link for them or feel free to email me (jlcheatham@gmail.com) your request and I will send you a link!

Thank you and happy shopping!

Summer 2008 List

Margaret has created the links for our first course, you can find them here: