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Hung's Gift to Eddy

Eddy's gift to Susan

Susan's gift to Steve

Steve's gift to Kathy

Kathy's gift to Nikki

Nikki's gift to Lee

Lee's gift to Brandi

Brandi's gift to Denise

Denise's gift to Betty

Betty's gift to James

James's gift to Evelyn

Evelyn's gift to Marty

Marty's gift to Charlotte

Charlotte's gift to Scott

Scott's gift to Mariaelena

Mariaelena's gift to Ron

Ron's gift to Amy

Amy's gift to Jason

Jason's gift to Matthew

Matthew's gift to Rogelio

Rogelio's gift to Pat

Pat's gift to Dale

Dale's gift to Hung


Community Circle of Web Gifts

As one of the first activities in 641, we have created a circle of small webgifts. They are directed towards one person with the goal of helping us learn more about this person both from the gift and the reflection. But they are also community gifts as they can be adapted and used by any member of the community. They belong to us collectively and to make it easier to recreate them we are including some information about how they have been created.

I would like to say that I carefully interviewed each of you and matched each personality to the artwork, but it would be untrue. (I did, however, place Brandi in the ocean near what could be Italy.) But most of the placements were based more on the match between the photos I had access to and the artwork. I started with a image that was found on a piece of stationary I scanned it. I opened photos of you from virt camp and use the selection tool to remove the background around the picture. Then I copied and adjust the image size and pasted. In some cases I redrew or added new figures.

(If the author of the beginning graphic ever finds this page, I would be happy to give him or her credit. Otherwise, I am going to assume that educational use and transformation fit acceptable use policies. )

I created this page as a beginning of a circle and hopefully a circle that will remind us for the power of community circle at VirtCamp. I think that all people want to be needed and this is often expressed with with efforts to help others. This basic human need charged the beginnings of our learning community which with our collective care will serve a range of intellectual and social needs.

-Madre Margaret