Welcome 'Bu5ers!

VirtCamp...or was it Survivor? For those of you reading this expecting some insight as to what VirtCamp is all about, forget it. You'll have to go through it yourself and find out. We'll be the ones smiling knowingly in the back of the room as you go through all the frustrations and triumphs that we (and so many before us) have gone through. We'll tell you this: (and as one of our instructors said, "feel lucky that you're getting this much.") You will have many new family members after VirtCamp is over. It is amazing how close you can become to people is just 5 days, and this is just the beginning. Just make sure you keep it
real, get each other's backs, have some 'funny', and most importantly, relax! It will all become clear to you soon enough.

What is VirtCamp? A week of intense work, bonding, sharing, crying, and confusion. You come out of VirtCamp knowing yourself much better, but more importantly, you have new members in your family. Those new family members will be your support for the next 13 months, and friends for many years to come (so we're told). It's incredible how 5 days can change an entire group of people, but it happens. The experience as a whole is meant to test you, put pressure on you, and bring you together as a group. For us, Bu5Ailve, it was a success. Nobody quit (although some of us really wanted to), nobody gave up, and everyone came out the other side with more knowledge about themselves, and a larger extended family. As they say in VirtCamp, it's all about The Process.

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"Everything I Need to Know, I Learned at VirtCamp"
A clever, funny and oh so true PowerPoint created by Hung Le.
A real must see!


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