Summer 2008


In July of 2007, a group of individuals from all walks of life with a similar interest in education, technology, and the hybrid, met at Pepperdine University in sunny Malibu, California. Upon our first meeting we discovered our similarities and differences of which would be there to shape us through our 13-month exploration of what it is to learn, educate, research, and explore using technology as a primary medium. This exploration would later make us graduates of Pepperdine's Master's Degree in Educational Technology, Cadre 10.

Our makeup is simple: We are students, educators from kindergarten through secondary education, business owners, informal educators, IT directors, family members, cadre members, and community members.

We all live and intend to serve others and reform ourselves when it comes to learning. Through our explorations in action research, we have all selected a project designed to better our surrounding world and above all, transform our thinking and actions into that which is refined, open to change, and constantly evolving.

-Brandy Foster, OMET Student