Summer 2008

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667 Leadership and Educational Technology

Professor: Paul Sparks
This course focuses on concepts and strategies necessary to step into a leadership role in the integration and application of technology and learning. Topics include strategic planning, leadership styles, institution change process, and policy issues in educational technology. Students create and share a vision of educational technology for their workplace, generate a technology plan that supports that vision, and write a proposal seeking funding for all or part of that plan.

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668 Managing Learning Technologies for Change

Professor: Melissa Anderson
This course advances technical and procedural knowledge beyond that required in other courses in the program. Students design learning settings for the near future, incorporating cutting edge and emergent technologies into a plan for implementation. In addition students explore strategies for retrofitting physical plants, upgrading technology workstations, and negotiating with vendors and business partners. Students explore the internal and external workplace support systems and collaborators. Students are expected to incorporate work and ideas from the companion course, EDC 667.

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638D Participatory Action Research

Professor: Margaret Riel
This course provides students with concepts, strategies, and tools for planning and carrying out systematic investigations of practice in their own work setting. As part of the course, students will partner with a cadre peer or workplace colleague to conduct a research project focused on their efforts at making change in their personal practice or their workplace

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