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The Center for Collaborative Action Research (CCAR) links together educators, researchers, and community members. The Center's aim is to create deep understanding of educational problems in a range of different contexts including but not limited to schools, and to encourage evidence-based reasoning to solve these problems. The Center shares collaborative action research projects and supports the development of "knowledge-building" communities making use of innovative technology tools. The goal is to share what others are doing to reinvigorate their workplace with the capacity to reflect and adapt to evolving needs.

A year-long Action Research Project is the capstone experience of students working towards a Master of Arts degree in Learning Technologies from Pepperdine University. This project takes place in a blended face-to-face and online program and engages students in extensive progressive problem solving in contexts that are personally meaningful to them. The online portfolios of action researchers goes through a process of faculty and peer review. CCAR publishes the best of these publications to illustrate how such inquiry can profoundly impact the person, develop an understanding of complex social settings, and increase our knowledge of transformative change. The program utilizes distance communication technology to move students' learning beyond the formal classroom, and instead, ground it in the everyday workplace practices of the students. The translation of theory to practice is not something that happens after the students leave the university, but rather happens every day as the students take on challenges that are important to them. This process of "taking the university to work" is one of the less celebrated, but extremely valuable, affordances of online learning.

A short tour of CCAR was published in the first issue of i.e.: Inquiry in Education.

Riel, Margaret. (2010). The Center for Collaborative Action Research@Pepperdine University. i.e.:inquiry in education: Vol. 1: Iss. 1, Article 1. Retrieved from:

CCAR is based at Pepperdine University in the Graduate School of Education and Psychology under the direction of Drs. Margaret Riel and Linda Purrington, with the assistance of Kathleen Lepori, CCAR Editor in chief, and the 2018-2019 Editorial Board. Current professor of action research at Pepperdine is Dr. Valerie Schmitz.

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