Action Research Projects with Communities of Practice

Action research is part of a number of different programs at Pepperdine including the Master of Arts in Learning Technologies and in Educational Leadership. These programs involve either a one or two year-long action research projects. In these programs, students work collaboratively to create and study change in their professional environments. The university students often participate in learning circles to work together to share their action research experience, identifying common issues and contributing to shared understanding. The following are exemplars of the quality and variety of work undertaken in the programs over the years.

We welcome the newest action researcher to publish his work: Jordi Solsona-Puig (2017).

Action Research in Teacher Communities

Two-Way Immersion programs: improving transition practices with academically at-risk students.
Action Research Portfolio
| 2017

Jordi Solsona-Puig engaged in a two-year participatory action research project with a team of educators investigating the best transition practices for academically at-risk students. The students were transitioning from a Spanish two-way immersion elementary Program into a similar program in a southern California middle school.

FlipPD: A blended Approach to Professional Development
Action Research Portfolio
| 2016

Patrick Staley designed and implemented FLIPPD: an online curriculum designed to increase teacher effectiveness in blended learning classrooms. A reverse approach to knowledge acquisition and professional development allows schools to better prepare their staff, which in turn creates students better prepared for the future.

Harmonic Integration: Models and Techniques for Conduction Educational Implimentations-- An Action Research Project
Action Research Portfolio
| 2013

Joel Lowsky transformed himself away from the image of the "Tech Guy" to that of a Technology Integration Specialist. In doing this he learned a great deal about supporting teaching with technology and shares that knowledge with us in this report of action research.

Understanding The Nature of Science Through Primary Sources: Teacher Interpretation and Conversation
Action Research Portfolio
| 2006

Karen Elinich helped teachers develop their understanding of the nature of science by working with museum artifacts.

Training to Induction: An Action Research Project in Technology Professional Development and Creation of a Teacher Induction Program
Action Research Portfolio | 2006
Chris Bigenho developed a survey and then an induction program to help new K-12 teachers learn to use technology in creative ways.
Action Research in Colleges, Universities

OneStop - An Integrated Approach to Delivering Student Services
Action Research Portfolio | 2004
Hung Le worked to integrate school services so that they could be delivered from any point on campus.

Action Research in Church Ministry

Effectiveness of Lay Leaders Treaching when Supported by Online Communites of Practice
Action Research Portfolio
| 2006
Brad Poorman searched for effective ways to use distance technology to train lay leaders to serve in church ministry.

A Place for Me
Action Research Portfolio
| 2004
Susan Chase become more effective in her role as a women's ministry leader, focusing on facilitation and developing an online community

Action Research in the Military

Casting Knowledge: Building an online community of practece with Leadercast
Action Research Portfolio
| 2014
Jonathon Silk shares his work with leadercast a video capture of advice that military leaders record immediately after leaving the field. Jonathon is working on developing a community around these videos.

Action Research in Organizations

Social Entrepreneurship: Engineering a Movement
Action Research Portfolio
| 2010
Scott Mortensen organized a constituency of humanitarians, entrepreneurs and media specialists to pursue humanitarian endeavors in Pandytown, Honduras—a microcosm island community.

Peer Collaboration: Building an Infrastructure for Enhancing Technical Support
Action Research Portfolio
| 2009
Kathleen Lepori established a support community of committed individuals to help each other in order to lighten the workload of an overburdened help desk.

Action Research in Corporate Communities

Cultivating Collaboration in the Workplace
Action Research Portfolio
| 2013
Candy Gallagher wanted to increase the knowledge flow among his colleagues in a global corporation and did so by employing social media and helping others to participate in knowledge-building and sharing.
Knowedge Management: The Energy Source of the Organization
Action Research Portfolio
| 2011
Michael Truong wanted to increase the knowledge flow among his colleagues in a global corporation and did so by employing social media and helping others to participate in knowledge-building and sharing.
Development on Demand: Harmony and Media in Corporate Education
Action Research Portfolio
| 2010
Jason Melillo increase the use of streaming media as a departmental training tool throughout a large healthcare organization with approximately 22,000 employees spanning 3 states.
Achieving Project Management through a Community of Practice Approach
Action Research Portfolio
| 2010
Aura Poulsen set out to investigate how non-traditional and social learning methods might be used to improve the standard training process in an environmental consulting firm.
Building Thriving Communities of Practice with Social Learning Technologies
Action Research Portfolio
| 2009
Dan Wood used social learning technologies to mediate interaction and nurture the growth of a community of practice among people who design and deliver learning programs at a multi-national software corporation.
Cultivating Communities of Practice
Action Research Portfolio
| 2008

Tom Kuhlman created a community of practice around the technology trainers who used Articulate using Sharepoint community building tools.

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