Action Research with Students

At Pepperdine University, the Master of Arts degree in Learning Technologies centers around a year-long action research project. In addition to standard coursework, each student individually undertakes action research in their local environments, working collaboratively with co-workers and peers at home. In addition, the students work together to share their action research experience, identifying common issues and contributing to shared understanding. The following are exemplars of the quality and variety of work undertaken in the program over the past years.
Action Research with Elementary Students
underwater image Seeing Below the Surface: How Technology Can Make Coaching a Shared Experience
Action Research Portfolio
| 2013
Matt Jones is a professional swimmer who is now sharing his passion for the water as a coach of young swimmers. He remembers how important peer coaching was for him and he sees how technology can aide in helping students reflect on their own and their peers swimming styles.
image of tec club Creating an Inclusive Elementary School Tech Club
Action Research Portfolio
| 2008
Josh Burker wanted to understand why girls were not participating in his Tech Club. What he learned helped him to involve not only girls but to open up the Tech club to students who often are left out of these programs.
kids making movies Student Provocateurs: Enhancing Public Debate and Awareness of Local Environmental Issues by Involving Students with Film
Action Research Portfolio
| 2008
Bradford Davey challenged his students to understand their role in society through filmmaking.
Action Research with Secondary Students
Learning with No Boundaries
Action Research Portfolio | 2014
Lusik Yeghiazaryan
 sought to create an authentic learning experience for unique learners by allowing them the choice of tools, pacing and content geared towards individual  learning goals. Working with high school math students, she gave her students enough time, the right tools and  limitless opportunities to discover and learn things that ignited their curiosity  and motivated them to learn.
seeing what matters Seeing What Matters
Action Research Portfolio | 2014
Jason Leath
found that if he taught students how to align themselves on the path towards expertise in learning, his students discovered how to be expert learners who pursued subjects for the challenge of learning rather than a letter grade.
Facilitating Adaptive Expertise: A Constructivist Approach
Action Research Portfolio | 2009
Tanner Ragland
found that if he taught students how to align themselves on the path towards expertise in learning, his students discovered how to be expert learners who pursued subjects for the challenge of learning rather than a letter grade.
The Art of Possibility: Creating More Successful Learners
Action Research Portfolio | 2009
Anne Smith
was concerned about disengaged students who were "passing" with D's. She took away the option of a passing low grade, and gave students the opportunity to resubmit their work. This process shifted the relationship between students and teacher and led to higher student grades.
Engaging Students with Authentic Technology Projects
Action Research Portfolio | 2008
Colette Cassinelli
created and used curriculum to help students become effective users of technology, and not just acquire computer skills.
Integrating Technology as an Effective Tool in Language Education
Action Research Portfolio | 2006
Xing King
changed her teaching practice to give students more ownership in high school Chinese language learning classes.
Action Research with College Students
Partnership for Learning - an Effective Empowerment
Action Research Portfolio | 2004
Marty DeWindt created a student-teacher two-way mentoring program.
Innovation Anchored in Tradition: Action Research @ Glendale Community College
Action Research Portfolio | 2006  
Mike Dulay changed the way he taught and assessed student learning through online courses at the community college.

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