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Lateral Mentoring is a book written by 18 members of the Cadre 2. It is posted here as a .pdf file for you to download.

The following text is taken from the forward by Professor Linda Polin

Every now and again a rare event happens in classrooms, the real world forces itself in through the door, and if you’re clever enough to embrace it, you can greatly improve upon classroom learning. This book is one of those rare events.

The book began as a response to a challenge I set for 22 graduate students in a class
on mentoring and team leadership. I wrote in the syllabus:

Descriptions of mentoring represented in the education literature are derived from a behavioral or cognitive psychology of the individual learner, a notion that knowledge resides in the head and is acquired (cognitive), or that it is a matter of habit strength attained by reinforced practice (behavioral). As you know from Ed 633, there are newer views of learning as a social experience, as enculturation, if you will, and views of knowledge as distributed among community members and embedded in practice. There are not mentoring texts, yet, written from a”community of practice”P or sociocultural historical perspective. We’ll have to figure out the implications of that theory for our actions as mentors and team leaders in our work settings. And, we’ll have to write our own text.