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The Mentoring Group This web site has a lot of good general information on starting a mentoring program for your organization. Some materials are free (check the archives) while other are available for purchase. The site also provides some good leads on best practices and models of good mentoring programs.
The Hewlett Packard International Telementor Program The programís mission is to "empower students to develop the academic foundation and critical skills to pursue their unique interests successfully." This site provides everything you need to know about getting involved with the program.
Exploring the World of Telementoring


A great webquest on telementoring.
RAPS Science Mentoring Program The Rochester Alliance Promoting Science (RAPS) mentoring program is a cooperative effort among area pre-college students/children, their science teachers, local industries and University of Rochester science faculty/staff.


MentorNet is an email mentoring program for women in engineering, science, and math.
Peer Mentoring Program Based out of the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, the Peer Mentoring program enables Letters &Sciences undergraduates to serve as peer mentors and consultants to first-year students and students enrolled in writing-intensive courses.
Mentors - Peer Resources Tracks current websites and programs on mentoring and has a free membership available to their network.
Women Into Science and Technology Aims to attract and retain women in mathematics and science courses and careers through a multi-level activity and mentoring program.
The National Mentoring Partnership The National Mentoring Partnership is an advocate for the expansion of mentoring and a resource for mentors and mentoring initiatives nationwide.
Mentoring Program for Women in Mathematics The Mentoring Program for Women in Mathematics is a 10-day residential program organized by Karen Uhlenbeck, University of Texas at Austin, winner of the 2000 National Medal of Science in Mathematics.
Welcome to Mighty Mentors Helps new and student teachers pair up with experienced teachers in email mentoring partnerships, free of charge.
San Francisco Mentoring Coalition The San Francisco Mentoring Coalition is a group of about 30 mentoring programs working to improve the quality and capacity of mentoring in San Francisco through networking,
Delaware Mentoring Council Delaware Mentoring provides tips for program coordinators on creating and maintaining mentoring programs, for individuals on how to get involved and be effective mentors.
Sharp Suspension Program For teens suspended from school, a tutoring and mentoring program run by volunteers to help students stay up while they are on suspension.
MBA Corporate Mentoring Program


Developed by Ohio State Universityís Fisher College of Business, this mentoring program is specifically designed to partner MBA candidates with mentors from the business world.
The Young Scientist Program Washington University School of Medicine outreach program for students.
Four Directions Electronic Mentoring Project Working to link Native American students with online mentors, this mentoring program is designed to enhance the quality of education in the Bureau of Indian Affairs schools through the use of technology.
Career Edge - A Canadian Youth Internships Program Career Edge is a national, not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to enhance youth employability.
Georgia 100 - Mentoring Georgia 100 is a one-year mentoring program committed to developing executive talent among mid-level professional women and diversifying senior management levels within Atlanta, Georgia companies.
UCLA Computer Science Department Buddy Mentoring Program The CSD Buddy Mentoring Program is an unofficial, volunteer-based organization that aims to assist new coming and junior students to easily transit, pleasantly develop, and eventually succeed in their pursuit of graduate study at the UCLA Department of Computer Science.