Message from the Timeline Assembler,

It is my pleasure as timeline assembler to present Revolution 9's Master timeline. I've attempted to provide a highly visual, yet simple timeline, thanks in part to professor Riel's advice. As timeline assembler, I had the good fortune of exploring each of my classmatesí timelines. Clearly, technology innovations are about the human spirit and the desire to enhance lives; profit no doubt comes into play for many innovations. What also struck me is that technology adoptions donít happen overnight and sometimes innovations donít succeed. The struggles we experience in our education systems, in some ways are a microcosm of our society as a whole. As technology change agents, we are challenged with identifying what technologies make sense to integrate into classrooms to enhance learning. Whatís exciting is that there is always a better mousetrap! Thanks to our Rev 9 team for sharing their knowledge.

Robert Martellacci

Year   Technology Author Weblink To Complete Timeline
Photocopier David Greenfield
1452 Digital Calculator Cherilyn Zeimer
1495 Robotics Scott Amdahl
1714 Keyboard Mitchel Townsend
1831 Television Katrin Steele

Wireless Communications-Bluetooth

Behnaz Nassernia

1930 Printers Sharon Haymon

1940 Global Positioning System Josh Burker
1958 Laserdisc Bradford Davey

1960 Digital Camera

Kristen Dowling
1967 Flash Memory Alen Haren

1973 PDA Barbara Lolli
1981 Microsoft Windows Kim Woolman

1987 Photoshop Kristen Zukley

1991 Interactive whiteboards-SMART Debora Jones
2001 iPod Heather Walberg