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Research "Template" (as offered via our 8/31 TI session)
-this is something that I've used in the past and shared with students and peers. It is very straightforward: fill in the blanks, and the ARP process becomes less daunting (hopefully) .................DISCLAIMER: this is not required by any of MM's courses

Previous Cadre Members' ARPs
Bu5Alive's Member Directory
-a nice way to search through the blogs of one of Madre's previous groups

Deep6's Member Directory
-a nice way to search through the blogs of one of Madre's previous groups

Reading Resources
Action Research
The Participatory Action Research Network (listserv)
Network of Action Researchers in Education and Training
Action Research at Queensland University

Ethical Issues
Short article" Action Research and Implications for Ethics in Human Ressearch" addressed to CSU's Ethics in Human Research Committee

Required Tutorials
IRB Tutorial http://cme.cancer.gov/c01/
University of Minnesota Informed Consent Tutorial: http://www.research.umn.edu/consent/

The George Lucas Education Foundation
The National Staff Development Council
The School Renewal WebCenter
Technology Connection / Impact of Technology
Center for Creative Leadership
The Buros Institute
NCREL: North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
NWREL: North West Regional Educational Laboratory
CASENET: Creating ASsociations of Experienced & Novice Educators through Technology
Constructivist Project Design
The Future of Networking Technologies for Learning
Active Learning & Active Research, Clark University
Access Excellence: an introduction to and sampling of action research
Action Research.net: reccomended from the McNiff, Lomax, and Whitehead book
Institute for Community Research: a non-profit organization's use of participatory action research

Please email me if there are others you would like to share.


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