Fall 2008

Ready. Set. Go.

Check out the photo...this is it....for now.

Learning Circles Fall 08

Discussion Group

Group 4 - James, Chris, Mici, Edgar and Josephine

Group 5 - Erin, Donna, Brooke and Kathleen

Group 6 - Karen, Malika, Greg and Maria

Cadre Gifts

They really are! I promise!

Remember when we did this? Here are the results:

Web 2.0 tools

EDC 633.20

Educating Today's Learner (Moseley)

Moodle. Second Life.

EDC 638.21

Action Research (Sparks)

Keep on, keepin' on.

EDC 664.20

Technology and Learning (Stager)

Google Groups. Email. TI.